About us


Our journey


Formerly known as The Highfield Medical Centre, the Practice has delivered care to the local population for over 30 years.  However, with the ever changing needs of the population and stricter regulatory framework for healthcare provision, the Practice experienced difficulties in 2017 that required fresh thinking. With this in mind, the previous partners retired from the partnership in November 2017 after decades of service to the NHS and were replaced by Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes. Together, they have implemented a turnaround plan that seeks to transfer the Practice into a wider health and wellbeing centre.  


In April 2018, The partners took over Cottingley GP Surgery, subsequently merging with Bramley Village in October 2018. Then, in April 2019, the partners took over Middleton Park Surgery as part of a merger resulting in one practice on 3 sites with a patient population of 13,000.

Our future


We are a rapidly expanding medical centre aspiring to deliver services fit for modern 21st century lifestyles. We have over 30 members of staff who work hard to provide a primary care medical service contract for GP services.


Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre, Middleton Park Surgery and Cottingley GP Surgery aspires to be so much more than an NHS GP practice.  Our vision is to offer the highest quality primary care to our patients and our mission is to 'enable patients to live longer and healthier lives that are full, active and meaningful'. This means that we recognise that conventional medicine does not always hold all the solutions to a person’s health concerns. We believe in listening to our community and we have learned that social … is just as important as medical interventions for our patients overall wellbeing.


Put simply, health care isn't just about being there for you when you need us. It is about proactively looking after our patients to prevent or delay the development of health conditions in the first place. It is also about programmes of work and education that helps to improve the health of patients and the sense of wellbeing - the part that makes us feel alive and able to contribute to life. It is about empowering our patients to look after their own health in the safe assurance that we are there for them.


To complement our vision, we have embarked upon a redevelopment of our practice which we aim to have completed by May 2018. This will cover extensive investment in our premises, our infrastructure, our services and our staff.  All to improve the patient experience.


We aim to establish a volunteer program and steering group of local stakeholders to help us design the services, activities, interventions and events that best fit our local population. By the end 2018 we hope to offer a wide range of volunteer led activities and groups, and provides a relevant additional health and social care services that add value to the people of Bramley and surrounding areas.


If you are interested in being part of our transformation program, please get in contact with us.  You can write to our practice or ask to speak to the Managing Partner, Methven Forbes, who would be delighted to share with your our emerging vision and aspirations for our community.