About us

The past


Both Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes have a combined 30 years working in Primary Care in the UK.  Dr Mark Fuller was previously a partner at Manor Park Surgery and Mr Methven Forbes was previously a partner at Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre. During they previous partnerships, they introduced a range of innovations long before the NHS implemented these as national policy. These included areas such as smartphone apps and econsultations, patient volunteer programmes empowering patients to deliver many activities for the wider benefit of the community within a GP Practice setting, patient expert programmes, proactive care of the elderly, registered-list based walk in services, and many more.

Some of these commenced over 15 years ago and have been used in national policy over the last 8 years., including the GP 5 Year Forward View.

They have both also worked within CCGs (PCTs). Dr Mark Fuller led on the PEP programme that was internationally aclaimed and developed the 'physio first' programme across the healthcare system in Leeds. Mr Methven Forbes helped establish the predecessor to Leeds CCG and through primary care innovations such as the Pudsey Wellbeing Centre charity model for patient involvement, has hosted numerous international visits including the Hungarian Institute of Public Health Ottowa University, and more locally, GP surgeries and 3rd sector organisations from around the country.


In 2018, both Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes left their respective partnerships at Manor Park Surgery and Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre to take over the running of a local failing GP Surgery called Highfield Medical Centre. Rated as inadequate by CQC, they sought to take their prior learning and utilise it in areas that needed it the most.  During 2018, they both invested and turned around Highfield Medical Centre resulting in a CQC visit in June 2018 and a revised rating of 'Good' overall. In April 2018, they also took over a small GP Surgery, Cottingley GP Surgery, merging it with Highfield Medical Centre and becoming a branch surgery. By the summer of 2018, Highfield Medical Centre was renamed Bramley Health and Wellbeing Centre and operated a branch surgery at Cottingley Springs.

In April 2019, Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes took over Middleton Park Surgery, which because another branch surgery of Bramley Health and Wellbeing Centre. One Practice on three sites, providing a path to sustainability.

In April 2020, Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes acquired Briercliffe GP Surgery in Burnley through a competitive tendering process. This is the first Practice they have acquired outside of Leeds. 4 weeks prior to commencement, they have managed to secure 2 salaried GP posts and will be implementing a range of innovations to improve accessibility and services, and will listen extensively to the needs and concerns of patients.

The future

Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes recognise that there are certain things that are best when they are run locally and other things that are best when they are run more centrally.  There future plans are to acquire surgeries that need help or are currently available through the NHS procurement system. They aim to invest in Practices, deliver local services by local people but harnessing economies of scale by bringing together those things that are more efficient and cost effecitve when run together. Clinical governance, regulatory requirements, standards and processes are examples of areas that are best when they are pulled together and delivered for and on behalf of a group of Practices. GP and Nurse appointments, reception services and patient involvement groups are examples of areas that should always be delivered locally by local people who understand the needs of the local patient population.

Their vision rests in their aspiration to be so much more than an NHS GP practice.  Their vision is to offer the highest quality primary care to patients with an underlying mission to 'enable patients to live longer and healthier lives that are full, active and meaningful'. This means recognising that conventional medicine does not always hold all the solutions to a person’s health concerns. Many problems people face extend beyond diseases and conditions and include social, community and physical wellbeing, security of income, shelter and food, having a purpose and direction in life, and more. True healthcare encompasses both health and wellbeing and recognises the interdependencies of all parts of a person's life. To this end, they believe in listening to the communities they serve.

Over the next few years, they seek to replicate the best of what was achieved at Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre and Manor Park Surgery where they fit and will help address issues within a local community. Just as importantly, they will seek to establish community (patient) volunteer programmes where patients can not only express opinion, but offer ideas and make a difference using their own skills and experience. For more information visit Altogether Better website for an article on an example of a previous patient involvement program here.